Unless you leave your car protected under a cover at all times, it will inevitably get dirty. Even when it is just sitting in the garage, dust can still build up and form a layer that is visible. This can make your car paint looking less shiny and the car itself appearing unkempt.

While frequent car washes can be a solution to this problem, you cannot take your car for a wash every second day. During the warmer months (and during pollen season), you will see that unwanted layer of dust even after just one day. Plus, washing your ride yourself, which might be cheaper than going for a professional wash, takes time and uses up a significant amount of water in the long run.

Fortunately, there are other ways to keep your car in tiptop shape and dirt-free, using a detail spray like Midnight Driver’s Lightning Fast Detail Exterior Spray and Wipe Detailer.


Why Opt For A Detail Spray?

There is nothing more annoying than dirt, fingerprints, or dust on your car just after you had it washed. For a quicker clean that is both easy and effective, a detail spray is the best solution.

With just a quick spray, a few seconds of waiting, and a wipe up, you will get rid of dirt and debris that prevent your car paint from glistening. The product is colorless so it can be used regardless of the color of the vehicle; plus it will not stain whatever paint you have. Beyond its effective but gentle cleaning capability, it delivers a glossy shine. It is also wax-free but contains lubrication to prevent scratches.

Some products may also repel stains, dust, and dirt to keep your automobile clean for a longer amount of time. UV protection is great during the summer months so that the paint does not fade as quickly.

A detail spray can be used in addition to, or instead of, a car wash. It can handle grime, tree sap, and whatever has built up in your car even after months of no washing or cleaning. When it comes to more stubborn dirt, let the solution soak for some time before wiping off.


Where Can You Use Your Detail Spray?

This product is suitable for use on any exterior surface of your vehicle. Whether it is made of metal, fiberglass, glass, plastic, or covered in paint, it will be able to clean the surface without any chemical damage or scratching.


How To Clean Your Car With A Detail Spray

While a car wash uses soap and water to wash away dirt and dust from your automobile, a detail spray will lubricate the surface to avoid scratches, while the liquid encapsulates any tiny particles to be wiped off easily.

And you will not need any buckets, sponges, or a long list of cleaning materials. All you need is your detail spray (like Midnight Driver’s Lightning Fast Detail Exterior Spray and Wipe Detailer) and clean, good quality microfiber polishing cloths. Fold each 4-ways so that you have 8 sides of cloth to wipe your car with (you will need it especially if you have a dirty or a big car).

The first step is to shake the bottle before spraying on a small section of the vehicle’s exterior. Depending on the dirt, wait between a couple of seconds to a minute to let the liquid soak in. Get your microfiber polishing cloth and wipe in one direction (sideways and gently upwards). You will not need to use too much pressure on the cloth, as wiping is relatively easy due to the lubrication from the spray.

Turn the cloth to a clean side every single time you wipe on a new section of the car. You will not want the dirt you just removed to be scrubbed back into the vehicle’s surface. This is why you will need a few microfiber cloths to have enough for cleaning the entire car.

For stubborn spots, spray and wipe again but most detail spray products can still remove grime that has accumulated over a few months (just in case you have not cleaned your car during the winter months, for example).

The key to cleaning your car quickly and thoroughly is to divide each part into smaller sections. This means you will not miss out on any dirt or dust. It also helps when you understand your automobile well and identify spots where fingerprints are most common or where raindrops collect and dry out (leaving traces).

You might find starting from the top, specifically the horizontal surfaces, more effective because these areas tend to accumulate more dirt than the vertical or diagonal sections. Still, you might want to focus on the sides where puddles splash as you or other cars drive over them. All of these surfaces are important, but understanding where the grime is tells you where you should probably do a second spray and wipe to ensure full cleanup.

The best thing about a detail spray and a cloth is that it is relatively easy to apply and wipe off, thus making it less laborious than doing a full car wash.


Keep Detail Spray On Your Car For On-the-go Cleaning

If you love your car and want it to glistening and clean all the time, then you are better off investing in a bottle (or two!) of detail spray in your garage and in the car. Beyond just being an option for a quick clean-up, it can totally replace a car wash every once in a while.

Let’s face it, during pollen season and summertime, dust, dirt, grime, pollen, and other contaminants love landing on your car and washing it every week might not even be enough! If you have a black car, then you have an even bigger problem because your wheels can appear simply disgusting the day after you had it cleaned.

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