Waking up to a beautiful Saturday morning with all the water droplets on your paint?⁣

It used to look nice and "pretty" as the girls would call them, until they dry... Forming circles of waterspots that are impossible to get off.⁣⁣

Whether it be from water sprinklers (calcium + magnesium deposits) or from collection of dirt circling around the rain droplets (dirt & polarity),⁣⁣

It is way easier to wipe them off before they dry and form white death circles on your paint.⁣⁣

BUT, you must not just wipe them off with a towel or a tshirt, there is a proper way to wipe them off WITHOUT scratching your paint.⁣⁣

If you simply wipe them off without a detailer (lubrication + cleaning agents), you are literally⁣⁣

The #1 way people scratch their car is not from collisions or from other people, it is from their own doings. It is from washing and wiping themselves.⁣⁣

So next time, get to the water droplets before they dry. Use lubrication or a detailer. And use a fine quality microfiber detailing towel.⁣⁣

That is how you prevent water spots.⁣

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