Here's the truth.

You yourself scratch your paint more than anyone out there would.

No one is going to come around your car and purposely mark circles around your car.

The only one who is truly going to do that is YOU.
That's right, we've said it. YOU are the culprit.

Whether you wash your car/dry your car improperly or you simply just bring it to a gas station automatic washer.

Where most people scratch their car is from incorrect washing methods and also incorrect DRYING METHODS.

Where drying methods are important is literally what you make contact your car's paint with what towels.

Guys, use a proper drying towel.

DO NOT use a shammy.

Why not? it is not soft, it has cracked rough edges, and it scratches your clear coat.

Did you know that your clear coat melts at over 165 degrees Fahrenheit?
Yes, your clear coast is simply a HARD PLASTIC.

If you can scratch plastic with a rough corner of piece of paper, you can scratch your paint.

Now that we got that out of the way.

Here is What You Need to Know About Microfiber Towels

- % Polyester and % Polyamide
- Length of the Pile/Plushness
- Edges or Edgeless
- GSM (grams per square meter absorption)

Notice how we did not care about size? Because a 16x16in will work just as well as a 16x24in.  Size is just a preference.

You want towels of atleast 20% or more Polyamide. Polyamide is what give it the softness and absorbency. Go for 30% Polyamide if you can. Those are the premium towels. Places like Walmart and Autozone where they do not list their % of polyamide is usually 10-15%. Not bashing anyone but we just want you to be aware.

Length of the Pile or "hair" meaning, long piles are for more soaking and drying and for picking up elements. Short piles are better for buffing. But then again, the tool is only as good as the artist.

Edges or Edgeless. The less hard corners there are, the less likely it will scratch the paint. We would go with edgeless whenever we can.

GSM or grams per square meter meaning the amount of water the towel can hold water per square meter of microfiber cloth.

Here is what we would pick. For drying, we would go with a tall pile 16x24in towel with 30% polyamide and 400+ on GSM.

For buffing and detailing, we would probably go with a short pile of 16x16in towel with 30% polyamide and 400+ on GSM.

Cheers and Drive Hard.

And stop using your tshirts, bath towels, or a shammy.

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