What Midnight Driver Co Stands For

Inside Midnight Driver Co, we work by, produce content by, hire and fire by, and live inside our Mission and our Core Values

Our Company Mission

It is our job to help you Feel the Drive & Feel the Clean. We are here to help you Blind Your Opponents with your Shine.

Drive Hard Drive Clean
Leave Them in Your Dust



Company Core Values

  • We are Drivers - We are Car Builders. We need loud exhausts. We add supercharged power. We love it when the rear wheels steps out and loses a little control. We turn the AC on full blast with the windows down. We are Drivers.
  • Love - we are not here to sell you "stuff". We are here to continue to spread our love for the cars. The way the cars sound with the loud exhaust flying by the tunnels. How clean the car feels when it has gone through a full detail. The way the water rolls off after a ceramic coat. The way raindrops fly away from your front windshield. The Love for the cars.
  • Extreme Ownership - everyone in the company is required to show true ownership of their jobs and their responsibilities. No small tasks are discarded and no small packages unshipped. Own yourself. Own your responsibilities.
  • High Standards - our services need to be excellent. Our formulas need to perform. Our products need to be outstanding of the highest quality. As also in our people in and out of the workplace, we also must have high standards for ourselves and every little thing we do. Be excellent.
  • Keep Growing - what you've done today will not be good enough tomorrow. Your skills today will be outdated tomorrow. Keep growing keep evolving for the better. Everyday for Tomorrow.
  • Competition. That Is The Damn Job - do you want to live a life where everything is just 'okay'? Do you want to walk the earth everyday where nothing really stands out? Do you want to never feel the highs of winning and the emotional reward of finishing a hard job? At Midnight Driver, we compete, because we just want to be great. And when we win, we know what we have done, and it just feels good. It is not a job, but it is our job to do it better than all others, that is the fun.
  • Finish It - focus, determination, sheer will. Finish It. ****Job's Not Done. Finished. Next.****