Midnight Driver Company Core Values

Inside Midnight Driver, we live by these core values. These are the rules one should embody within themselves personally and also as best practices during the work place. We hire. We fire. We reward. We advance. And, We use these core values as the standard where we work and live by.

These are not simply suggestions of how one should behave inside and outside of the company. If you work within Midnight Driver, you must live by these rules as Who You Are. 

  1. Customer Service is #1. We don't just say this to sound good. Without those who love us (our customers), we will not exist. Every customer, teammate, and friend we come in contact with, they shall leave a better day. Care for them. It always comes back.
  2. Product Quality is also #1. Anything less than the optimal raw material and quality shall not be produced or recommended to others. We only produce what we should use for ourselves. Because we believe that our customers deserve better. And lets be honest, in addition to good customer service, good quality product is what keeps our customers believing in us and buying from us.
  3. Work Hard and Be Proud. This is for All of Us. Inside and Outside of Work. Inside and Outside of Your Personal Life. Inside and Outside of gym, car, house, backyard, anywhere you are at. Digging a ditch, laying bricks to build a house, or grinding it out with coding a software. Work Hard and Be Proud. Do It ESPECIALLY When You Don't Want To.
  4. Be Excellent. As we walk through the Battles of of everyday life, all things we should shall be in order, clean, and working at great efficiency. We push ourselves to the best limits. All people and things in the same building as us must WIN together, and that great feat can only happen if we elevate ourselves and others to the best. Have high expectations for ourselves, and also have high expectations for others.
  5. Take Extreme Ownership. Care about WHAT YOU DO. Take pride in the good you do. Accept the responsibilities that you are making great things happen. Big or Small. It is only after you accept the fact that "it is not my job" means "IT IS YOUR JOB" will you be able to take extreme ownership. You do this for yourself, you will grow beyond your own old standards. This is the most important of all core values.
  6. It Should Never End. Working hard is Hard. You must realize that working hard should also never end. There is no "end goal". But there is constant growth. A task is never finished. A job is never done. Why? Because YOU MUST EXPECT YOURSELF TO DO MORE AND BETTER NEXT TIME. And that next time is always here. Don't let anything end. Keep going. Keep attacking the problems. Keep making things better. Keep Taking Extreme Ownership.
  7. Do It Now. Do It Swift. Do It Right. I hate the word "procrastination". Because it doesn't exist in my world. I hate the phrase "dragging it out". Because I've killed that phrase the day I decided to take ownership. I hate the phrase "its ok its good enough". Because I can't stand work that is below my own highest expectations. And, because I will not be able to sleep at night. I do believe in being fast, being great, and being excellent. This is my greatest trait, your Chief, Johnny Chen.
  8. Lend a Hand. Ask For a Hand. "Help Others" sounds corny. But here's the truth. Great feats can never be done by yourself. You may have part of the formula, but you will never have the whole recipe. You only have 2 arms, and often times you will need 4 arms. You do need others. And believe me, others need you too. Just like how I (your Chief) need you guys.
  9. Keep Your Word. This is how you build confident and trust yourselves. You do what you told yourselves what you would do. The same goes for others to trust you. You do what you told them what you would do.
  10. Tell the Truth. Be upfront. Be face value. This does not mean you have to be rude. This means that we will not tolerate back talking, slander, or any cancerous mindset. When you tell others the truth and help them grow, doesn't it lift the burden off your shoulders? When others tell you the truth, doesn't it allow you to see what you are blinded by? The same goes for me (your chief). Tell me the truth. As I will always tell you guys the truth you deserve.
  11. EARN Everything. Nothing is free and nothing shall be taken for free. Victory tastes better earned. We EARN everything. No Exceptions.